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Liz Uy Styles What I Bought From #RAFHoliday2019 + My Picks

Unless you’re a high-grossing celebrity or a public figure with millions of adoring fans, you are likely never going to experience being styled by some of the country’s top fashion visionaries.

But with the recent debut of the #RAFitupwithLizUy campaign, you can now take home gorgeous festive outfits personally curated by the biggest names in the industry like they were tailored and fit just for you.

Last Thursday, R.A.F. launched their newest Holiday collection in collaboration with internationally acclaimed celebrity stylist Liz Uy. The sleek, streamlined pieces are must-haves for every fashion enthusiasts’ style repertoire, with daring geometrical and organic prints and staple color schemes as the core of the selections.

Showcased in the 5th floor of EDSA Shangri-la Mall, R.A.F.’s first flagship was a architectural stunner in nude tones. Oak timber, brushed brass and copper, and light terrazzo stoned decorated the interiors for the ultimate luxury experience.

For the afternoon soiree, us guests were treated to a mini shopping party kindly sponsored by the R.A.F. team. At the time of my writing, I may sound very calm and collected, but in reality, I was hurriedly running around the store trying to snag all the best picks.

In the end, I settled for 3 looks that I wanted to share with you guys, and brought home two items from those that I put together.

For the first outfit, I decided to take the TOY SLEEVELESS TOP and use it as a mini dress, since the asymmetrical hemming created an appropriate amount of draping behind him. Paired with my red suede boots, I felt like a powerful and modernized Mrs. Clause on her way to show the elves whose boss!

For the second look, I have to admit that I took direct inspiration from the event’s host, Janeena Chan herself. This smocked chiffon STWIG LONG SLEEVES TOP was surprisingly very versatile, so I hiked it up my midriff to resemble a crop top. To match the nature-themed pattern, I paired it with the silk THEORY SKIRT in cream. This was my favorite fit because I could clearly see Liz’s influence in the styling, since her own looks often play with long bottoms and boots.

For the final look, I combined the cream THEORY CORSET and mixed it with a mini slit skirt in navy blue. What I loved most about this combination was the boning detail on the bustier in contrast to the embossed floral pattern on the bottoms. All the designs were very subtle, but they looked especially beautiful and cohesive put together.

After going through these three looks, I picked out another piece from the collection that caught my eye. The UDON TUBE is an asymmetrical top with an uneven panel detail in the front and self-fabric sash down the middle. I had been looking for something just like it ever since I saw Mari Jasmine wear a similar one by Vania Romoff, so you can just imagine how fast I lined up to cash it in!

Once everything was set, I had the amazing opportunity to sit down with Liz and ask her for her advice on how to style my new tube in 3 ways.

  1. Casual. Keeping things simple, Liz says that the Udon Tube Top layered on top of a plain white t-shirt makes for the perfect casual look. Match that with a pink maxi skirt and sneakers, and you’ve got yourself some low-key high-fashion.
  2. Work. Got a 9-5? No worries, the Udon Tube Top paired with white pants, any colored blazer, and pumps will make you an instant 10 in the office.
  3. Event. At the crack of 7pm, the social butterfly comes out to play. For the ultimate nighttime transformation, the Udon Tube Top matched with a pencil cut skirt and lace-up stilettos will put you at the top of the concrete jungle’s food chain.

What was your favorite look?

For more information on RAF, check out their Instagram page or website.

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