Holiday Gift Ideas: Naughty and Nice Edition feat. Swarovski Holiday 2019 Collection Launch

Gone are the days when Santa left the bad girls coal under the tree. Today, it’s just as good to be naughty as it is nice.

Here in the Philippines, we may be late to most things, butone thing we’ll always be early for is Christmas shopping. With the recently concluded11.11 sale, brands all over are still milking the readily open walletscustomers are waving in the air as deal after deal land in their carts. So whatbetter time to pick up your presents than now?

Last October 29, Swarovski, together with SSI Group, launched their 2019 Holiday collection entitled “Naughty or Nice”, as well as a celestial-bodies themed line up for their Fall-Winter set. I had the amazing opportunity to attend the debut event, and spotted a ton of stunning new accessories that completely captured my heart.

The interesting thing about the Christmas range is that it’sparticularly catered to young adults who spent all year long embodying whichside of Santa’s list they expect to be on.



For the goody-two-shoes of your life who spent her Fridays reviewing for that Wednesday test in advance, match that gentle heart with an equally pure set of silver bling. The Nice collection features a rhodium plated watch, a snap bracelet, layered link necklaces, dangling crystal pearl earrings, and a brooch—all of which are characterized by glistening frosted feathers.


If she’s starry eyed for the dirty dream, the Naughty collection’s black and gold ice will be her fantasy come true. The Naughty collection features two crystal pave bracelets, a ring, a chain necklace, and dangling earrings, also decked out with stunning frosted feather charms. It’s decked out in Swarovski’s iconic elegance, but with a dark and edgy twist.


We all know that girl whose just too precious for this world. Her daintiness stands out amidst arough reality, but she remains dignified in her ability to stay soft regardless.The intricate and precise detailing seen in the Snowflake line is her perfect match—nothingsays “you’re the good kind of special” like jewelry inspired by something that forevercomes in one-of-a-kind patterns.



Remember your best friend who can’t stop blaming her bad day on Mercury Retrograde? Send some positive energy her way with the Symbolic collection’s spirituality-centered accessories. She can have all the universe in the palm of her hands with the galaxy-themed rings and necklaces that Swarovski has to offer. Maybe then the stars will finally be in her favor!


Great looks and an even better personality– some people are just born to be the gift that keeps on giving. For the lady with both the heart of gold and priceless beauty, match that total package with the updated emerald green holiday version of the timeless Perfection piece to serve as their shimmering cherry on top.

Tarot Magic

There are just some girls in the world whose auras are just to charming and addictive, being in their presence feels like you’ve been literally put under a trance. For the woman whose spell-binding charm has had you hooked since day one, the Tarot Magic collection will be the best way to let her know that whatever love potion she’s been giving you, you’d willingly take every last drop.


With all the talk on modernity and development, the pressure to deviate away from the past has become increasingly more adamant lately. But there exists a brave woman out there, who fearlessly and proudly owns her old-fashioned ways. For this oldie-but-a-goldie, the iconic Louison pieces in an updated ruby red shade to match the festive season is the perfect compliment to the human embodiment of what it means to never go out of style.

Which pieces are you getting?

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