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The Vegan Skincare Brand You Need To Get Now

Good for your skin, and good for the environment? Count me in.

A few months back, I worked with the variety store Curate to help introduce some small start-ups to my followers. On it’s own, being able to bridge the gap between those growing businesses and my readers felt extremely rewarding, but I have to admit that I loved scouting for a potential holy grail for myself.

That’s when I learned about Your Go To Naturals. They are an all natural, plant-based, eco friendly skincare brand that locally produces a wide range of personal hygiene products to give everyone the non-toxic and vegan cleansing experience we all deserve.

What started with an obsession over their Organic Hair Fix (which by the way is the greatest organic no-stick hair spray I’ve ever tried!) quickly turned into a love for the rest of their line.

A few months back, they so kindly sent me a pack of some soaps they personally picked out for me. I only got around to finishing all of them today, so here’s my verdict!

Tomato Clay Tree (Face and Body Bar)

Description: antiseptic acne-clearing, blemish removal, deep detox

I’ve never used an anti-acne soap bar before so I was initially hesitant to use this. But I was pleasantly surprised to find out that after 3 washes using this soap, the tiny flesh colored bumps I had underneath my collarbones completely disappeared! This was a savior to me and I highly recommend this to anyone dealing with body acne of any sort.

Healing Gugo (Shampoo Bar)

Description: anti-hairfall, stimulates growth, dry & scalp problems

In the beginning of quarantine, I was struggling with a really dry scalp. I couldn’t go out to get my usual treatment shampoo, so I tried this out. To this day, I still use the bar for the non-stinging effect it has when applied. I recommend this to be used with a good conditioner, but it’s still great that this doesn’t dry your scalp out either!

Rich Keratin (Conditioner Bar)

Description: repairs damages, stimulates growth, adds volume and shine, healthy scalp, color safe

I was told this worked well for colored and frequently styled hair, so I knew this would be the most beneficial to me! True enough, my hair has felt so much softer since using this. My blonde hair doesn’t fade at all with it, so switching out my usually chemical-infused conditioners with an all-natural bar was definitely a great new addition to my routine!

Himalayan Pink Salt (Face and Body Bar)

Description: natural skin healing, soothing and calming effect, best for skin conditions (dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema)

This has such a tasty smell! Amidst the scorching Manila heat, showering with such a lovely scent never fails to make me feel instantly more refreshened! It also helps that my skin feels baby smooth after every bath now!

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