My 7 Secrets To Getting Luxury Fashion For Less

They say a magician never reveals his secrets, and in some ways, I like to look at my own closet as one big magic show.

There’s what you see, and there’s all the little tips and tricks behind the scenes that took to get what you see.

So why am I revealing my secrets today?

Well, let’s just say, I believe everyone deserves a little magic in their own wardrobe.

From unexpected apps to unknown shops, I’ve compiled all my best hacks to getting only the coolest luxury pieces for less in today’s YouTube video.

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Some pieces I have were the only/last stock of the item, but I’ve included them anyway so you can see the listing!

R.A.F. Theory Skirt – P1,998

Vintage Christian Dior sleeveless top – P1000

Vintage Dior top – P799

Vintage Anne Klein cardigan – from Mom

Forever 21 Girls denim skirt (I DIYed it to have double slits!) – bought in store

K-Wave Clothing Black H-Crop Sleeveless Top – P645

Samantha Richelle Black Skirt with White Stitching Detail – P500

Prive Reveaux The Marakkech Sunglasses – P910

Samantha Richelle Black Top with Half Open Back – P500

White culottes – gift

Beret – P145

Vintage Anne Klein cardigan – from Mom

Stradivarious houndstooth skirt – bought in store

R.A.F. Theory Corset – P1,898

Vintage Fendi slip skirt – listing was deleted but I bought it on Carousell for P1000!

K-Wave Clothing Double Layer Clavicle Necklace – P250

Red Mock Neck Puff Sleeves Top – from the ukay

Calvin Klein Colorblock Jeans – from the outlet store

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