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The Chunky Rings Trend All The Cool Girls Are Wearing And Where To Find Them

Put a ring on it— or two.

The further we progress into quarantine, the more I notice how minimalist fashion slowly takes a backseat in favor for all things kitschy and playful.

The latest microtrend to take the sartorial scene by storm is the physical embodiment of the bigger, the better: chunky rings.

These bad boys comes in plenty different forms spanning from plastic to clay to beaded to acrylic.

Courtesy of @courtneymawhorr

There’s a certain graphicness to them that reminds me so much of my early days in Drama Club, with its uncanny resemblance to the vintage costume jewelry we’d wear to make our looks more, well, dramatic.

Vintage costume jewelry | Courtesy of Pinterest

Nowadays, you can find these accessories far from the theater stage and on the hands of fashion’s finest icons like Bella Hadid, Dua Lipa and Devon Lee Carlson.

In Hollywood, its clear that cult favorite jewelry brand La Manso popularized the style for it-girls, but as to what exactly put this trend on anyone’s radar in the first place, we may never know.

But like all rather loud trends born in 2020, I’d like to say it has something to do with breaking monotomy in a time where the most adventure we can get is within our outfits.

Thankfully, the Philippines has no shortage of creative artists who love to handmake these accessories for all of us to explore. This will be a working post, meaning it will be continuously modified as I find more shops, and since these brands are all grounded by the same colorful and abstract concept, I won’t be putting any descriptions— instead, I’ll let their stunning visuals do the talking.

So without further adieu, let me share with you a masterlist of local brands that put cool girl energy right at your fingertips

Cosmic Gems


s0phie’s w0rld

Ku Morning

Tropik Beatnik

Lúad Studio

Loop and Lilly


Sugar Acid

Bübbo Rings

Enessa PH



Sam’s Lil Hands

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