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Fran Fits: The Backwards Crop Top Look

Photography by Bearose Beltran (@kidstark)

Without checking any statistics, I think we can all confidently assume that crop tops are probably the most mass produced articles of clothing out there at the moment.

Every brand offers some sort of variation of this trendy style and for good reason too— it’s versatile and can accommodate thousands of designs and cuts.
 With that in mind, I always make sure to remember that crop tops are extremely flexible pieces, so each time I purchase one it should be able to live up to that reputation. If the top can only create one type of look, it’s a no for me.

To put this advice into play, I decided to incorporate one of my favorite finds from the local fashion label, Penshoppe, into my Easter Sunday outfit— their buckle strap crop top— but worn backwards.

The square neck trend has been proliferating the style scene lately, so I knew flaunting the backside of the haltered crop top would give it a brand new look. The zipper lining also added a silver accent to the overall neutrally colored outfit.

For a little more fun, I layered the crop top above a thin see-through body con mini-dress from H&M Studios’ SS collection. I cut the long sleeves to mimic that of a t-shirt and wore the rest of the length as a bodysuit, since its short hem and tight fit could easily pass as one.

To finish the look off, I paired my tops with Uniqlo’s khaki paperbag shorts for its waist-cinching feature and my Circus by Sam Eidelman sock boots for their matching black and silver scheme.

What was your Easter Sunday outfit?

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