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The Super Cropped Crop Top All The Fashionistas Are Wearing Right Now

Less is more, right?

Ah the crop top— easily one of the most flattering articles of clothing in all its midriff-baring glory.

Since the 90s, these über mini pieces have adorned countless runway and casualwear collections in the spirit of all things body positive.

And recently, they’ve just been getting shorter.

All over my Instagram feed, a local designer’s newest creation has been causing a buzz in the style scene.

The Koui Top, a string “underboob” tube made from high quality stretch scuba crepe that stops right before fully covering your chest, is the most popular pick from young designer Khristen Anabeza’s mini collection that fashionistas all over have been going crazy for.

Coming in white and black, the top is straight out of a minimalist hubadera’s fantasy wardrobe. ANABEZA has always highlighted minimalistic palettes and experimental silhouettes, all in the name of redefining what it means to be a woman in this day and age. The Koui Top, along with the Kluv Tie Top and Krauvie Assymetrical Top under the same series, was created in response to the idea that women in revealing clothing must be looked down upon.

“Showing too much skin can be sophisticated and classy at the same time too.” says Khristen. The designer herself has always had a penchant for risqué outfits, so she knew right away she wanted this collection to achieve a progressive look through basic geometrical shapes

The Koui Top also carries a diverse sizing range from XS to XL fitting anyone from a 32A to a 38D.

Here’s how all the coolest girls have been styling it.

Ida Anduyan

Starting of this list is Instagram’s favorite it-girl and feed inspo, Ida Anduyan. In a nod to 90s fashion, she paired her Koui with baggy high-waisted jeans, boxer brief waistband exposed.

Mary Louis Daniel

I’ve been following Louise for a while now, and it’s without a doubt that her colorful and adventurous style has been a complete breath of fresh air. Following a strictly blues-and-whites palette for this look, she layers her Koui underneath a see-through organza puff sleeved top matching perfectly with her Bottega-esque heels. To keep everything streamlined, her ivory flare pants compliment the white undertones of both her tops.

Patricia Prieto

Maybe you’re wondering if the Koui Underboob top can be worn without actually showing your underboob— based on Patricia Prieto’s fit, the answer is yes! Patricia, whose style revolves around simple yet cleanly constructed pieces, played around with length dimensions by mixing the short tube with high-waisted trousers and an oversized jean jacket.

Jeline Catt

A top this fun deserves to be worn in an equally fun environment. Jeline wears a silky draped mini skirt with her Koui, looking like she waltzed straight out of a 90s night-out lookbook.

Ashley Colet

One of my fave Instagram hubaderas, Ashely is no stranger to turning heads with her risqué fits. She pairs her Koui with a pair of oversized trousers and a statement chunky necklace. I adore her choice of a neutral palette, letting her top’s crisp white coloring steal the show.

Kelly Oliveros

This certified baddie sure knows how to play up the classic monochromatic combo. Jet black contrast stitch jeans do wonders for highlighting the stark white shade of her Koui.


Mawy Conferido

Serving us some total empowered female realness, Mawy Conferido, CEO of Hello Gorgeous and Wow Cosmetics, shows us exactly who’s boss. Her full white ensemble is every bit elegant as it is cheeky. Sophisticated and spicy, she shows that to run an empire, you’ve got to be a risk taker inside and out.

Khristen Anabeza

This list would not be complete without a peek at how the designer herself styles her creation. Khristen gives us another take on the Koui, this time lending inspiration for ladies who layer. Sporting a crisp white collared button down underneath the tube, she’s an image of sleek and sophisticated beauty with a sultry flare.

In a country as conservative as ours, ANABEZA’s skin-baring collection is a testament to how the fashion industry will forever be one of the social system’s images of rebellion. For a woman to embrace every curve of her body as art instead of an indecent object to be concealed is seen as a scandal in an atmosphere of disciplined silence, but the Koui top and all its badass supporters show that we are no longer willing to stay silent.

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