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Of Stitches and Stripes: OOTD in NOLA

Spending a day in the beautiful French Quarters of New Orleans called for an equally exciting outfit. Among the many I had planned for my month-long stay here in America, I decided to go for a monochromatic stitch and stripes combination that I felt would perfectly stand out among the gorgeous colored walls of NOLA.


This a striped V-wire tube top from Bershka that I had altered to fit me more snugly. I heard that New Orleans was blazing hot in the summer, so this tube did wonders for keeping me cool amidst all the walking!


My personal favorite piece, this contrast stitch wrap skirt from local designer Samantha Richelle was the focal point of my outfit. I absolutely adore the slit detail— it was fun being able to move around freely because of it, but still maintaining a sort of demureness with the skirt’s knee-length hem. I personally bought this of Samantha’s Carousell page, where she sells her old sample pieces for great prices. Definitely a good pro-tip when searching for inexpensive ways to get designer clothes!


I’ll be the first to admit that this was an incredibly poor choice of footwear in terms of functionality. As much as I’ve been obsessing over the Balenciaga-esque design of my Sam Edelman Circus Sock Boots, I have to say that the 3-inch heel was not a pleasant companion in the rocky streets of New Orleans. 10/10 completed my look, but definitely better fit for the mall than a walking tour!

Nonetheless, I will forever be grateful to these boots for making this outfit as fiery as it was!


Headgear of all sorts have been really trendy lately, so I knew I needed to get my hands on some fancy one for this outfit. Before leaving Manila, I ordered myself this adorable beret off of Lazada for less than P300! (But big thanks to them for sponsoring me with a voucher that helped me get it for free!)


I’ve been meaning to debut these babies, and I’m glad it was here in this outfit. The Marrakech by Prive Reveaux is a slick pair of thin black sunnies that are reminiscent of the tiny designer glasses that made rounds all of last season’s NYFW. I got them as a token during the Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival, but you can get these inexpensive luxury dupes online here.

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