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Neutrals & Co: When Less Is More

When I first started my blogging journey, I found that the hardest challenge I had to overcome before identifying as a full-fledged fashion writer was understanding what style personally meant to me. Back then, I thought it was bursts of color and patterns that made your jaw drop. I thought that if an outfit best fit the eccentric streets of Harajuku, it was the pinnacle of fashion. But as I rearranged the influences around me, I found my interests realigning too.

Surrounded with different style icons all over the world, I started learning about the beauty of minimalism. Until today, never in a million years would I have imagined myself to applaud a model’s plain white t-shirt and blue jeans combination for her off-the-runway look. I now find myself gravitating towards brands that know how to make a whispering statement that leaves just as much of an impression as a loud cacophony of designs.

So when I stumbled upon the Instagram store, Neutrals & Co, a few weeks back– I was absolutely smitten. What was initially just an attraction to their clean and bright aesthetics lead to a nearly obsessive interest in their sleek and elegant collection. Sophisticated yet understated, Neutrals & Co is a must for the modern minimalist muse with their wide range of contemporary jewelry pieces and monochromatic clothing. This label specializes in light and airy apparel that reduces the fuss in dressing up without removing the fun.

I couldn’t resist– I had to reach out to them. After a nice little chat, their wonderful team so kindly agreed to collaborate with me on this post to help me best show you all why I love their brand as much as I do.

The experience was very personal and hands-on– they offered to pick out the pieces they felt would most accurately fit my style, and once I saw their choices, I was a goner. Everything was a hit! They perfectly captured my love for neutral apparel and subdued accessories.

Hariette Coat

If you watched my unboxing video on my IGTV, then you probably know just how ecstatic I was to receive this. The Hariette is the kind of full-length double breasted outerwear that dupes as a blazer or a coat depending on what kind of outfit you’re feeling that day. Its versatility allows it to take on a variety of characters. When buttoned up, its long enough to work as a stand-alone with thigh-high boots, but left open, it can also be paired with a skirt like in my look above. The sleek black trench features a line of intricately detailed silver buttons and luxurious silk lapels. The material can easily rival that of higher-end brands, with its sophisticated silhouette, quality fabric, and neat stitching.

Dionne Earrings

I’ve been a sucker for the animal print trend lately, so my wardrobe has been piling up with all sorts of spots and stripes galore. When I first laid eyes on the Dionne, I instantly became obsessed over the faux cheetah fur on the teardrop earrings— it’s everything I’ve been wanting in my accessories and more! Up until now, I’ve never owned patterned jewelry, so it’s been so fun experimenting with accent play using the earrings.

Eunice Earrings

The easiest way to win over my heart when it comes to accessories is by giving me jewelry in funky geometric shapes. The Eunice is a pair of gold hoops with a line bar that slashes through the inside. It’s a step above your average hoops, but elegant enough that it doesn’t channel as much overt flamboyance as, say, bejeweled versions. Eye catching yet classy— two things my accessories must always be, and two things the Eunice embodies perfectly.

Minimalism has a way of allowing people to wear clothes and not have clothes wear them. The simplicity refocuses the outfit on things often overlooked like fit, form, and fabric. When the design is stripped down to its bare necessities, this pushes the body to the surface and turns it into the focal point of the overall look. When I switch out loud schemes for monochromatic palettes and sleek lines, I find that this is the best way one can highlight their body in a manner that’s both tasteful and complimentary.

Thanks to Neutrals & Co, this is now a philosophy everyone can live out. Their reasonable price point and high quality designs bridge the gap between minimalist enthusiasts like myself and fashion that flatters. No more loud prints that drown out the beauty in simplicity— from now on, we’re going aú naturale, Neutrals & Co style.

For more information on Neutrals & Co., visit them on Instagram at or their website

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored collaborative post with Neutrals and Co, but all opinions presented are 100% mine.

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