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Mesh Is The New Black: Day 1 New York OOTD

I can’t lie: I’ve been obsessing over mesh fabrics lately. Before my Instagram was disabled, I had filled up my entire Saved section with posts from different high fashion accounts and local labels showcasing their best sheer fits. I knew that I wanted something dramatic yet classy for my first look in New York, and there was no better option in my heart than an all-black ensemble with a fancy mesh centerpiece!


For a good base, I needed innerware that was both sassy and elegant. I decided to go with a silk bralette I got from my favorite brand, People Are People, a while back.


As for the top itself, I found this absolutely gorgeous mesh cropped button down with ruffled trumpet sleeves from a local bazaar last year. It always looked a little too extra to wear back in Manila, but in the streets of New York, it fit right in!


I was always known in my family for owning skirts that were a little too short, so I wanted to try out something new by donning a drawstring pencil skirt that went inches past my knees. This slitted beauty was on sale in Kashieka sometime a few months ago, so I got a real steal on that!


My go-to for an all-black look is a pair of skinny specs. These chic wonders are The Marakkech from Prive Reveaux I picked up during the Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival (which you can read about here). I personally adore this brand because they make designer eyewear for insanely affordable prices. You’ll find a bunch of celebrity inspired pieces from their collection, all minus the hefty price tag!

Can’t wait to share the rest of my looks with you!

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