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HAUTE TOPIC: The High Fashion Briefs All The Cool Girls Are Wearing

For today’s Haute Topic, we’re going to focus on something that I never thought I’d see It-girls donning: briefs.

A quick scroll through my Instagram feed shows me that high fashion intimatewear labels have been reigning the “cool girl” scene with their own renditions of briefs for women.

Given the Enhanced Community Quarantine, I guess there’s no better time than now for this trend to come to surface anyway.


Here we see influencer Orion Carloto lounging in bed in with the ultimate comfort wear by Les Girls Les Boys. She goes for a tonal look for added uniformity.

Hannah Schonberg keeps things loose and at ease by paring her Sublime by Highrack biker shorts with an oversized cream hoodie. I personally find this mix of contrasting silhouettes stunning.

I love a good vintage runway moment! Here Hailey Bieber is seen channeling extreme streetwear energy with these 1993 Chanel logo briefs. She matches them with cut-out denim jeans from Y/Project to fully give those bad boys their time in the limelight.

Influencer Matilda Djerf perfected the art of the “work at home” chic in her cotton Skims briefs. Paired with an oversized blazer and a matching bralette, she’s looking like the ultimate Zoom fashionista.

What’s your favorite look?

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