Bench Fashion Week Day 1: What I Wore + The Best Looks #BFW_HOLIDAY19

There’s no two ways about it– I love fashion shows. If I could attend fashion shows everyday for the rest of my life, believe me I would. But since the world is not an ideal place, and I can’t spend my every waking moment gawking at gorgeous runway designs, I’ll just have to make the most out of every chance I get to do just that.

This season, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend Bench Fashion Week Holiday 2019. Eclectic, diverse, and original– the 3-day event was every style enthusiast’s dream come true with no two collections exhibiting the same kind of narrative. Every designer brought in their own stories to tell, and whether it was the anecdotes about your everyday Parisian woman (as seen in Lucy Torres Gomez x Kashieka) or a statement on the paradox of gendered-genderless clothing (as seen in Bench Design Award winner Han Sen Studios’ PAGKAHARI), there was always a conversation waiting to be shared after every segment.

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Shopping in America: Lookbook + How To Score Designer Pieces For Cheap

It goes without saying that for an avid fashion enthusiast like myself, the best part about traveling is definitely the shopping. The way I see it, shopping in itself is a whole other cultural experience. A brand’s collections and styles vary per country in order to cater to the interests of the locals, so it’s always amazing getting to see what each area offers.

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Of Stitches and Stripes: OOTD in NOLA

Spending a day in the beautiful French Quarters of New Orleans called for an equally exciting outfit. Among the many I had planned for my month-long stay here in America, I decided to go for a monochromatic stitch and stripes combination that I felt would perfectly stand out among the gorgeous colored walls of NOLA.

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