5 Must-Visit Places In Texas

Last month, I had the amazing opportunity to spend 4 weeks in America with the ladies of my family, as we visited my Tita Ana and Tito Jim’s family who hosted us in their beautiful home in Katy. Through this experience, we were able to embark on a cross-country road trip around the USA that gave us a great  taste of what their states had to offer.

For this post, I want to share with you all the wonderful things I discovered in our first stop—Texas. We spent our first few days and our last week here, so we got a pretty comprehensive tour of some of the area’s best landmarks and hidden secrets.

Want a locals-approved guide of the countryside? Read on ahead.

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Bukidnon Trip 2018

As someone that was born and raised in Manila, I never had the concept of “going back home for the holidays”. Home was here in the city– home was where I experienced daily life and celebrated the big events. But this year, my family decided to take a trip to my dad’s province, Bukidnon, for a week in December. My last visit there was 2 whole years ago, so I was equal parts excited and nervous to return. What if we didn’t fit in? What if I didn’t enjoy? Had I outgrown the allure of provincial life that I was so enamored by before? 

All my questions were to be answered in a span of 6 days.

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Taiwan Trip 2018

Last July 27, my family decided to embark on a last minute trip to Taiwan to culminate the end of a peaceful summer. We had previously visited Japan, Hong Kong, and Macau in the earlier years, so getting to explore the Republic of China was another exciting way to immerse ourselves in the East Asian culture.

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