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All The Trendy Mirrors And Where To Buy Them + The Next Big Mirror Trend To Watch Out For

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?

In 2020, we witnessed a crossover we never quite expected in the mainstream style scene: fashion + furniture.

When everyone got tired of being stylists to their outfits, they started playing designer with their homes. In fact, for a time, it almost seemed mandatory for the average Instagram lover to post at least one selfie with a cool new mirror.

Don’t be fooled— even though this trend reigned last year, it doesn’t mean it’ll be stepping down anytime soon now. The desire to upgrade the usual mirrorfie will only intensify this 2021, so if you’re in the market for some new decor, it’s time to start thinking outside the box and into the looking glass.

Gustaf Westman Inspired Foam Mirror

The first quarantine mirror trend I spotted was a homage to Gustaf Westman, a young Swedish designer with an affinity for fashion and architecture. His Popcorn creations, a collection of foam furniture visually mimicking the effect of clouds, whipped cream, or popcorn surfaces, became an Internet phenomenon after capturing the hearts of Scandinavian it-creators all over the ‘gram. This modern and playful approach to interior designing sparked a DIY craze here in the Philippines, and I definitely hopped on the bandwagon.

My first dive into this trend was a custom mirror I had made by Likha Interiors (@likha.interiors). They specialize in handmade foam decor spanning from mirrors to organizers. Once I had mine, I took endless selfies and OOTDs. I mean, look at it— can you blame me?

Needless to say, I was obsessed. On my birthday, one of my closest friends from high school, Mandy, got me a mini arch version from ABK Studios (@abk.studios). I found this so adorable because it looked like the baby of my first mirror, so it fit right in!

Frameless Arch Mirror

Speaking of arch mirrors, somewhere down the line, the Instagram gods traded in the fun foam mirrors for this clean, simple, and classic alternative. By August, it seemed like every few scrolls down my feed would reveal yet another girl showing off her new arch mirror, so naturally, I had to get one myself. This variation adds just enough personality to an empty space without challenging the minimalist design concept.

After weeks of comparing store prices, I finally found an amazing deal from Miroir MNL (@miroir.mnl) during their October free shipping promo. I snagged 2×5 ft mirror for a great price (just P2,000 exactly!) and, as always, went crazy with the selfies.

Gustaf Westman Inspired Curvy Mirror

Yes! Gustaf Westman is indeed carrying this whole trend on his back! The Swedish designer reclaims his Instagram-famous crown with his iconic Curvy Mirror. Once again tapping into the collective deep-seated desire to reintroduce carefree and playful accents in an otherwise bleak time, this scalloped toy-esque mirror looks like it’s come straight out of a Barbie Dreamhouse, and honestly, I’m 100% here for it.

Although I haven’t seen too many local brands recreating this yet, I did discover Saturday Loaf (@saturdayloaf), a new store crafting the prettiest color-customizable curvy mirrors for the most accommodating budget. It’s currently taking every inch of me not to immediately get one— because God knows my tiny room has no space for another full sized mirror— but once this store drops minitarure sizes, you best believe that’ll be sitting right by my window in no time.

Courtesy of @saturdayloaf

Alternatively, for those willing to splurge, Bondi Studios has a beautiful line of Squiggle mirrors in both a floor length and desktop size. These beauties feature layered sides, high elevation, more rounded edges, and an overall chunky appearance.

Lotta Blobs Mirrors

Still in the realm of celebrating all things fun and non-linear, I’m foreseeing an upcoming surge of mirrors inspired by London sculpting studio, Lotta Blobs. Funnily enough, these mini mirrors can be seen as an inverse curvy mirror, showcasing only the scalloped outline. These add an easy touch of fun and texture without the commitment of plastering a huge patch of color on your walls. Here in Manila, Good Design is (@gooddesign_is) is the authorized Philippine stockist of the brand, as well as a variety of beloved international decor labels.

Lookout: Tufted Rug Mirrors

Although I have yet to see any local brand recreate their own version of this, I have no doubt that English artist Alice Kelly’s tufted rug mirrors will find their way here soon. These colorful miniature mirrors are crafted straight from fuzzy rugs into funky geometric shapes. In a complete mirrorception scenario, you could call this the hairier and more eccentric cousin of Gustaf Westman’s Curvy Mirror. At this point, my urge to own every variation of these funky mirrors is getting pretty out of hand, so if a local store starts releasing their own version of this, I just know my wallet is going to be doomed.

EDIT: Fate works in wonderful ways, and in a wonderful twist of it, I seem to have spoken too soon about no Philippine shop selling this style. I just discovered My Place HBU (@myplacehbu) through Franny Balburias (@frannybalburias), a mutual of mine with excellent taste. The local brand handmakes the funkiest tufted mug rugs, mirror frames, and regular rugs, paying exquisite attention to color combinations and pattern types. Their creations are absolute masterpieces— the kind of touchable art we all never knew we needed.

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