Haute Topic: The Tiny Green Bag All The It Girls Are Wearing This Season

In the world of fashion, a designer’s ability to shock their audience to the point of guilty interest turned widespread bandwagon is a mark of just how far you can push the envelope before people eventually claim the mail and celebrate all its contents.

So when French fashion house Jacquemus made headlines after debuting “Le Chiquito”— a miniature 9cm handbag with an unreasonably tiny body and ridiculous long (54cm!) hand strap— in their Fall 2019 collection during Paris Fashion Week, questions of proportion and practicality were swiped out in favor for the allure of exclusivity one radiates when you can bear the $500 price tag for a bag that only barely fits your phone.

Since then, the pint-size purse resurgence has been moving in full force. Vintage Prada handbags and Fendi’s 2015 Peakaboo mini bags have been seen all over the streets of fashion havens like New York and Copenhagen.

Today, the ladies of Instagram have been sporting the trend with another direct-from-the-runway takeaway— in green. From pistachio to emerald, the earthy hue that dominated brands like Jil Sanders and Marc Jacobs in Fashion Week Spring 2019 is now a certified cool-girl favorite.

Read on to see how they played around with the pastel and puny.

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Ferie🌴for altid

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I spy a vintage beauty! I love how Ella goes right back to the roots of the miniature bag phenomenon with her emerald Fendi baguette. A little fun fact: The baguette was one of— if not the main— trailblazer of the “it bag” collective. After Carrie Fisher proudly tutted hers around in the 17th episode of Sex and The City’s 3rd season, everyone was quick to get their hands on it too.

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Love this suit

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Here Maria shows us another variation of the mini bag trend with her round little snakeskin clutch. A peek at the top rim shows some sort of speckled marbling— yes girl, hit ’em with that pattern play.

Kat is the editor in chief of one of my favorite fashion websites, Who What Wear, so it comes as no surprise to me that she’s sporting this quirkier and infinitely more practical hybrid of Le Chiquito by the brand Staud. I like how even though the structure is similar, this bag has a low dip at the top, giving it even more character than it already innately has.

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matching. 🍃

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And here we see another instance of that elongated strap we talked about earlier! This time, the little purse by Rouje that Lien carries has a slightly rounded base, so it’s identity is easily separable from that of Le Chiquito.

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What I like about Mary’s mini handbag is the fact that it has the same vibe as Le Chiquito minus what Le Chiquito stands for. While the iconic Jacquemus bag was made to mimic a shrunken handbag, this purse leans more towards being a baby satchel. If you ask me, that’s some A+ strategy planning on behalf of the designing team since the bag is able to tell its own story but within the safety blanket of it’s loose similarities to the Jacquemus crowd favorite.

How about you— what’s your favorite mini green bag variation?

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