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With the 21st century Internet users spearheading the “clothes have no gender” movement, we’ve been graced with some of the most badass yet unconventional outfits coming from our favorite style icons.

Ond of the trends that have been taking the fashion scene by storm is the power suit. Fashion enthusiasts all over the world have rocked tailor fit suits to erase stereotypical distinctions between femininity and masculinity, and exude the indestructable aura of androgyny.  For this post, I paired up with Suit For Rent to prrovide a different outfit experience for all of you. If you haven’t heard of them before, Suit For Rent, is a suit rental service wherein customers can choose from a varied selection of formal ensembles to borrow for a very affordable price (and when I say “very affordable price”, I mean it). Hygiene is their number one priority, so the employees make sure to have every suit dry cleaned before they’re claimed. They also offer suit resizing and custom tailoring.   Suit For Rent
I think this was a totally ingenious way to give everyone the chance to slay their fits without the experience being too costly. After all, you’ll only need a suit a number of times in your life, why pay a full amount?

Although the clientele are predominantly male, I wanted to show you a female take on the brand.  Click here to rent the Owen. Available upon request.  Available upon request.

If you’re interested in replicating these looks or creating your own with Suit For Rent, you can use my code SFRFB0702 to get a discount on your purchase! What suit are you getting?   Suit For Rent
Address: Unit 106, 77 Building Visayas Avenue, Quezon City

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