The June Roundup: My Favorite Things This Month

June was a busy time for me.

In the beginning, I was originally set to produce one timely article a week, but with the last day of the month already here, I feel absolutely terrible realizing that I had only put out one the entire time. With a major project at work and tons of unchecked to-do lists for my personal endeavors, managing the blog took an unfortunate backseat in my priorities.   A misstep on my part, I’ll admit, but I refuse to let this hurdle keep my unmotivated. There are so many stories I’d love to share with you all, so while I adjust my posting schedule, I’ll start my redemption process by ending this crazy month with a roundup dedicated to some of my favorite things that kept me sane.   MAKE-UP BYS Brow Definition Kit (01 Wow Brows) When I first started tinkering around with makeup, I entered a Watson’s and asked the saleslady what product she recommended for beginner enthusiasts. She offered me the BYS Brow Definition Kit, but after failing to apply the powders on my misshapen brows on the first few attempts, I retired the palette completely.   BYS Brow Definition Kit  I only recently came back to it on accident; I was attending a big event for work and I knew all the flash photography would drown out the tint of my usual brow pencil. After setting the my base brow look with the brown powder shades, I was pleasantly surprised to discover how much more pigmented the overall look turned out. The best part? No fall out! Urban Decay Perversion x Canmake Flaring Curl Mascara I’ve been using Urban Decay’s Perversion mascara ever since a friend had brought it home from the States, but occasionally switched it around with Canmake’s Curl Mascara since I liked its wand better. But recently, I’ve made a life-changing discovery– I can integrate them!   Urban Decay Perversion, Canmake Flaring Curl MascaraAfter I ran out of the Canmake mascara, I tried placing its wand inside a filled Perversion tube. Amazingly enough, it worked wonders! I had the best of both worlds– my beloved curl-enhancing Canmake wand coated with Perversion’s dark ink! Maybelline Master Strobing Stick (Pink)I initially bought this after seeing Nikkie Tutorial rave about its highlighting capacities in a video, but stashed it away after I couldn’t see its effects on my own. Now, I’ve learned that this stick actually creates such an amazing glow if placed on top of foundation.  Maybelline Master Strobing StickIts sheen is too shear to be used on a bare face, but a cream base mixes perfectly with its formula and gives a not-too-overwhelming shine.   Clinique Foundation (in #64)Last month, I talked about how much I loved Clinique’s skincare line. This time, I want to tell you guys about their cosmetics collection, or specifically, their foundation.  I was fortunate enough to have one of their talented make-up artists do my Graduation Ball look, and even all the way back then, I already knew that what garnered all the compliments on my makeup that day was actually the foundation. The smooth finish ensures that I never look cakey– it blends into my skin perfectly and gives a “no-make up, make-up” effect despite its full coverage capacities.  Maybelline FITme! Concealer (in #10 Light)Although I’ve been using this concealer for a year now, I still wanted to include it in my monthly favorites since I finally got around to replacing my over-loved tube with a brand new one. No concealer has been able to cover all my problem areas without looking heavy. Maybelline FITme! ConcealerSo if you’re in the market for an inexpensive miracle worker, I definitely recommend this.   SKIN CARE Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask (Vanilla)After a visit to my sister’s new dermatologist, I learned that the reason why some products are specifically labeled for nighttime usage is because its only when we’re asleep that that our bodies decide to replenish certain parts that weren’t working as hard during the day. When my eldest sister got me Laneige’s Sleeping Mask from Korea, I had high hopes that it would soften up my summer-induced dry lips.  And lo and behold, they did! Its consistency is very thick and warm, but they eventually matte out overnight so that in the morning, my mouth is still well-protected from the harsh air-conditioning environment of my room without being a gooey mess. Since using it, my lips have become less chapped and more hydrated. W.Dressroom Moisturizing Perfume Hand Cream (in #49 Peach Blossom)This product isn’t actually mine, but my sister’s. She discovered it through Super Junior’s Kim Heechul who has publicly owed his consistently soft hands to W.Dressroom’s hand cream.  I’ve owned a lot of hand moisturizers over these past few months, but its only this one that works instantly with lasting effects. It also helps that the Peach Blossom scent is heavenly once you get a whiff of it!  ACCESSORIES Chain beltsIn my last post, I talked about obsessed I’ve been over chain belts ever since spotting it as a staple accessory from Chanel’s 1984 runway. So you can just imagine by excitement when I found someone selling their pre-loved chain belt on Carousell for a measley P50!  The seller had a gold and silver belt up for grabs, so he said he would give the buyer free shipping if they bought both. It was a match made in Heaven! I used them in nearly every outfit I wore this month, to the point that I actually broke the silver belt last week when I forced it to fasten pants that were just too loose. Unfortunate, I know, but at least I still have my gold belt to make stellar looks with!  SONGS Fall In Line by Christina Aguilera ft. Demi LovatoThis hand-down the most powerful girl anthem I have ever heard. I couldn’t stop playing it on repeat for weeks! So Into You by TamiaChildish Gambino’s cover went viral on Twitter a while back, but I only recently got around to listening to the original version. And boy, am I glad I did! This song is the perfect accompaniment to a late-night drive. Hurricane by Bridgit MedlerThis song is incredibly underrated! I love Bridgit’s reggae vibe and undeniable ability to enforce good vibes no matter where you are as long as this bop’s on blast! Play That Song by TrainTrain samples Hoagy Carmichael’s Heart and Soul in this adorable song. Every time I listen to it, I think of fun summer days and eternal sunshine. Not many songs can do that, so if you’re in need of a pick-me-up, this is the tune for you.  ENTERTAINMENT Carousell appI feel like I could go on for hours and hours talking about how much of a pro I feel like I am at shopping on apps. If I used to claim expertise over the online marketplace platform Shoppee, I’m saying the same for the online thrift app Carousell. It’s rare that I find a local shopping program that I actually love, so when I say that I’ve been making purchase after purpose on Carousell, you should know that that means I absolutely adore it. I’ve found amazing deals on it and can’t stop myself from scrolling through the listings for hours. What were your favorites this month?

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